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  •  The Pharmacy Professionals

Externship Time Sheets

All student who are on their externship must complete weekly time sheets that include the following information:

  • Students full name
  • Start Date and End Date for the week of the current time sheet
  • Exact hours worked (example: 9:00am to 5:00pm)
  • Total hours worked for the current week
  • Total hours earned including all previous hours worked
  • Pharmacist Signature with date
  • Pharmacy Technician Student signature with date

If any of the above information is missing, the hours will not be counted for that week. If time sheets are not received by the end of your work week, per the schedule the student has provided the externship coordinator, no credit will be granted for those hours. Time sheets must be emailed to [email protected] attn: Sonia Ruiz

Externship is your first line of Pharmacy experience and is crucial for the start of your new career in Pharmacy. Embrace this time to learn and move from the role of a student to a potential employee for the company your are externing for.

Please Click on the link below to access the time sheet. Please print them out prior to going to your site.

Please keep all original time sheets, they must be mailed to The Pharmacy Professionals at the time you submit your application for your State license.