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  •  The Pharmacy Professionals

Application Check-Off List

When submitting your application to the California State Board of Pharmacy it is very important that your application is intact. This makes the Board's job easier and ensures that you will receive your state license in reasonable timing.

Please make sure you have all the check-list items below. If you do, you are ready to submit to your application to The Pharmacy Professionals for sign off and submission to the State of California.

  • Completed Application with Signature and Date
  • Completed Affidavit (filled out by The Pharacy Professionals)
  • 2 X 2 picture of applicant (must be within 6 months)
  • Personal check or money order in the amount of $195.00 made out to the California State Board of Pharmacy
  • The applicants completed Life Scan sheet
  • Official High School Transcripts (unopened)
  • Self-Query report (unopened)
  • If the applicant has any prior arrests or convictions we will need all certified court documents regarding the case. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your application.