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  •  The Pharmacy Professionals

Externship/Program Completion

The externship is graded on a pass/fail basis and is based on the evaluation given by the externship site. This is the most important part of your education. It gives you an opportunity to show the skills you have learned over the past 15 weeks and a chance to develop great professional relationships. This is your time to shine and possibly attain your new place of employment. Good Luck!

Please download the forms below, sign them and email them to [email protected] Without these documents we will NOT move forward with externship placement until they are received.

If your externship is abandoned without proper notice to The Pharmacy Professionals, we will NOT place you in another site without starting from the beginning. This not only leaves the externship site with a bad impression of our program but it also leaves a negative reputation of our students.

In order to complete a new externship the student will have to pay the externship fee of $399.00.

If the student does not show or abandons their 2nd site they will no longer be able to continue with The Pharmacy Professionals. It is our goal to provide our partner pharmacies with dedicated, knowledgeable and reliable students. The Pharmacy Professionals will not compromise or make any exceptions. We are providing our community with their future technicians and will only provide the best!

Once you are complete with your externship, you have completed the Pharmacy Technician Program. We will then sign your affidavit to enable you to recieve your California State license. All other requirements from The California State Board of Pharmacy must be met aswell. 

If you need a school verification please have your potential employer send a school verifcation form to [email protected] and we will fill it out and return it with the proper dates and information pertaining to your education with The Pharmacy Professionals.