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  •  The Pharmacy Professionals

Pharmacy Technician Application

The Steps to filling out your State Application are as follows:

Step 1- Go to the California State Board of Pharmacy website and download the Pharmacy Technician  Application. 

Step 2- Print out the application and fill out all pages. The affidavit portion will be filled out by The Pharmacy Professionals, so skip the affidavit part. We will have to stamp our seal on it and apply all the proper dates.

Step 3- On pay 9 it gives you instructions on how to get your fingerprints done. Follow those directions. Page 10 is the live scan sheets that you must make 2 copies of, for a total of 3 pages. Fill out all 3 pages and take them with you when you get your fingerprints done. On page 9 there is a website that will tell you the closest live scan facility to you. The live scan operator will give you a copy of the completed live scan to enclose with your application.

Step 4- On page 2 of the application it states that you must attain an official set of highschool or GED transcipts that are sealed from the high school you attended or the official GED center you recived your certificate from. The sealed official transcripts must be sent up with your application.

For students who have attained their high school diploma or a higher degree in another country all transcripts must be translated into English for acceptance from the Board of Pharmacy. You can contact the International Education Research Foundation to attain an equivalency report. Their phone number is (310) 390-6276 or you can visit their website at

Step 5- On page 3 of the application it states that you must attain a Practitioner Self-Query Report. This can be obtained two ways either on their website at or you can call them at 1-800-767-6732 and a staff member will walk you through the process. They will mail you a sealed copy of the Self-Query Report, do not open it, it must be sent sealed to the Board of Pharmacy with your application. The cost of the Self-Query Report is $5.00.

Step 6- You must get a small passport headshot picture of yourself for the application, it must be a recent picture. Walgreens does it for a nominal fee.

Step 7- Make a check or money order out for $140.00 to The California State Board of Pharmacy for the processing of your application.

Step 8- Once this is all complete you can either hand deliver the application to us on Saturday or you can call The Pharmacy Professionals for the appropriate mailing address to mail it directly to your program director for submission to the State of California.

Please click on the "Application Check-off list" icon to make sure everything is checked off on your list for submission to The Pharmacy Professionals.

Please call and notify The Pharmacy Professionals that you have mailed your application, so we can verify that it has been recieved.

The application process takes anywere from 45 - 90 days. To check if your license has posted yet you can go to The California State Board of Pharmacy website and click on verify a license then type in your name and if you come up you have posted and are good to go. If not, just keep checking. Once you have posted you are asigned a Pharmacy Technician number and your license will be mailed to you approx. two weeks later. You can immediatly start to apply for jobs once your license has posted on their website, you do not have to wait for the paper license.

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact The Pharmacy Professionals at:

909-631-9518 or email us at [email protected]